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Creative Writing Minor

The minor in Creative Writing emphasizes the connection between thoughtful reading and literary writing and offers students the opportunity to learn the craft of writing. Students will study the works of published writers, write and revise their own work, and examine, critique, and support each others’ work in and out of workshop.

The literature component of the minor will come from one of two courses: LIT 388 Contemporary Literature and CWR 301 Writing Communities. In both courses, students will read and discuss a variety of influential fiction and poetry. In Writing Communities, students also learn practical applications for their research and writing skills. The course offers students exposure to careers that require the skills they are developing via the English major and/or Creative Writing minor. Assignments are drawn from a variety of professional fields, such as publishing, editing, marketing, and publicity. Students in this class organize TCNJ’s Visiting Writers Series and gain hands-on experience working with authors and planning events.

The workshop component of the minor provides incremental exposure to the writing process. In CWR 206 Creative Writing, students are introduced to poetry and fiction writing. At the 300-level, students continue their study in workshops that focus on a single genre (CWR 304 Poetry Workshop and CWR 306 Fiction Workshop). CWR 406 Writer’s Workshop is the most intensive course in the minor, a capstone class in creative writing. During the class, students produce a significant body of work, such as a chapbook of poems or a series of stories.

Students interested in pursuing the minor should take CWR 206 as early as possible; it is the prerequisite for all 300 and 400 level workshops. Interested students should meet with the Director of Creative Writing for advisement and to plan their course of study.

A minor may overlap with a major or another minor by only one course.

For more information, contact Jess Row.